Top 4 Questions to Ask When Choosing Large Group Cabins in Gatlinburg TN

Mount Leconte Lodge, a large group cabin in Gatlinburg TN

Planning to take a vacation to Gatlinburg TN? Preparing for a group vacation is lots of fun, and we want to make it even easier for you! If you ask yourself these 5 questions when you’re planning your vacation, you’ll be able to choose the perfect cabin rental for your getaway!

Large cabin in Pigeon Forge with open kitchen A View for All Seasons1. How many people are vacationing?

Our large group cabins in Gatlinburg TN can sleep up to 74 guests, but every cabin is unique. Each cabin will give you a different experience! So, start with figuring out how many people will be taking a vacation with you. This way, you know exactly which size cabin you need to look for. Plus, our cabins have plenty of space for everyone to have their own privacy — even when you stay in a cabin with 73 other people, like at The Big Moose Lodge!

Grand View Lodge cabin in Pigeon Forge with home theater2. What are the budgets like?

Is everyone pitching in to rent one of the large group cabins in Gatlinburg TN? Make sure you know what everyone’s budget looks like before you rent a cabin, so you know exactly how much you have available to spend. If you need help finding a cabin to fit your budget, don’t worry, our vacation rental specialists are standing by to help, so give them a call today!

3. Which dates are best for everyone?

View of Smoky Mountains fall foliage from Grand View Lodge cabin in Gatlinburg TNOf course, when you choose to take a large group vacation, it’s important to remember that you have lots of schedules to work around. Most of the time, if there’re many kids involved, it’s best to take a vacation during the summer break or one of the spring, fall or winter breaks from school. You’ll also need to make sure everyone can be off work for the event. Whether you’re hosting a family reunion, church retreat or other group vacation, it’s easiest if you let everyone know which dates you’re considering, then see who can and can’t make that date!

View of Smoky Mountains from Grand View Lodge large group cabins in Gatlinburg TN4. Does anyone have special requests?

Of course, it’s best when you have so many people gathering together, there’s going to be a few special requests! Find out all of these requests before you start searching for your cabin. Do a few people want a hot tub? Are you looking to have a theater room? Is it summertime, and are you looking for swimming pool access? Whatever the case may be, there’s plenty of cabins to meet your needs! We guarantee we can help you find something you’ll love for your vacation!

Looking for more help with planning your group vacation? These awesome group travel tips should help you plan a stress-free getaway to one of our large group cabins in Gatlinburg TN!

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