7 Outdoor Things to Do at Our Pigeon Forge TN Vacation Rentals

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The Great Smoky Mountains provide a healthy and scenic environment for people who appreciate nature and outdoor activities. At Hearthside Cabin Rentals, we have many Pigeon Forge TN vacation rentals that give you the chance to enjoy both your cabin and your immediate surroundings. To help you get the most out of your stay, here are seven suggestions for outdoor things to do at our cabins:

1. Go Swimming

If you enjoy cooling off in the water, you can choose one of our excellent cabins with pool access. Going for a swim is a fun and invigorating activity for the whole family. Kids especially love frolicking and splashing around in the pool. Swimming is the perfect way to end a warm afternoon spent hiking or driving around. You can cool off and feel refreshed within seconds. The pool is also a great place to meet other guests and for your kids to find playmates.

2. Have a Barbecue

Many of our cabins have grills, so you can enjoy a family barbecue. Pick up some hot dogs, hamburgers, or steaks at one of the local groceries in Pigeon Forge and bring them back to your cabin for a cookout. Eating meals and snacks outdoors is always fun and having your own grill makes it possible to prepare your favorite foods whenever you feel like it. Some of our cabins also provide picnic tables so you can relax and enjoy your meal outside.

3. Take Creative PhotosHamburgers an hot dogs on the grill at our Pigeon Forge TN vacation rentals.

You will surely want to bring at least one camera on your trip to the Smoky Mountains. If nothing else, today’s smartphones and tablets have quality cameras for capturing some of the area’s natural beauty. In addition to taking shots of the mountains, you can unleash the photographer in you and look for distinctive and creative photo opportunities. This may include plants, animals, the sky, or your family members.

4. Play Outdoor Games

There are many fun outdoor games you can play right outside of our Pigeon Forge TN vacation rentals. Some require basic equipment you can bring from home while others only require a little imagination. Bringing a frisbee, a soccer ball, a whiffle ball and bat, or other favorite games will ensure that the kids always have something to keep them occupied outside. Other games that don’t require any special gear include hide-and-seek, tag, relay races, and capture the flag.

5. Gather Around the Fire Pit

Some cabins come with fire pits, where you can recreate the atmosphere of going camping. You might roast marshmallows, tell ghost stories, or sing your favorite songs. If anyone in your group plays the guitar or another instrument, he or she can provide musical entertainment.

6. Enjoy the Views

You don’t always have to be active to appreciate being outdoors in Pigeon Forge. There are many places right outside your vacation rental where you can simply sit back and enjoy the glorious views. Each cabin has its own unique location, so your views may include woods, a stream, or mountains. Kick back in a rocking chair and take it all in from your deck. Some cabins even have outdoor hot tubs that let you relax your muscles while taking in spectacular mountain views.

White-tailed deer outside of our Pigeon Forge TN vacation rentals.7. Become a Wildlife Expert

The Pigeon Forge area has a great deal of diversity in terms of wildlife. This includes birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. You don’t have to be a biologist to appreciate this abundance of living creatures. You may, however, want to make it a project to learn as much as you can. See how many different types of animals you can spot during your vacation. A good pair of binoculars will help in your efforts, especially when it comes to identifying birds. Keep your eyes peeled for salamanders, turkey, white-tailed deer, and, of course, black bears!

To start planning your getaway, check out our complete selection of Pigeon Forge TN vacation rentals!

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