Why Are Pigeon Forge Cabins Better Than Hotels?

Incredible mountain views from one of our secluded luxury cabins in Pigeon Forge.

Why are Pigeon Forge cabins better than hotels? Well, it’s simple really. They offer you not only the space you need, but also the privacy and location that you want! You can pick how much space you need without worrying about having your group split up or being put in a room near loud visitors like you would worry about in a hotel. You want peace and quiet so you can relax and plan out your adventures!

If you need more convincing, we’ve got a few answers to why Pigeon Forge cabins are better than hotels.

The options are better when it comes to Pigeon Forge cabins!

When you are trying to figure out why Pigeon Forge cabins are better than hotels, you will find out that there are a great many reasons why they are better! One of the best arguments as to why Pigeon Forge cabins are better than hotels is the variety of cabins you can rent! Hotels tend to look the same, no matter what they may claim.

Cabins offer not just a variety of size, but they also offer a wider variety of amenities for you! There are cabins with pool access, cabins with an indoor pool, cabins that are pet friendly, and also cabins that have a great location. No two cabins will look alike, unlike hotels that try their hardest to sell that they look different and have the best rooms that the other hotel has even though they’re the exactly same.

Cabins are more welcoming!

The living room of a beautiful cabin in the Smoky Mountains.When you stay in a hotel, you tend to see the same beds and fixtures. Not only that, but sometimes the rooms seem unwelcoming and uncomfortable due to the limited amount of space you have. A cabin is totally different! Cabins have a homier feel to them. It may feel like you’ve come home to the mountains instead of just visiting them!

You’ll also have access to a kitchen and however many rooms you need. If you’re visiting for a couple’s getaway you can get a cute little cabin for 2. Or, if you are on a big group retreat, you can have a larger cabin with enough room for everyone to feel like they are included but also have their own space.

The views are spectacular!

You won’t have to worry about squinting to see the mountains because you will be right in the middle of them! Instead of getting on your tiptoes to attempt to see the beauty of the Smokies, you can just glance outside of your cabin to be greeted with a spectacular view!

In addition, you will also have a better chance of seeing some of the wildlife that call this region home. You may spot a deer standing in the trees, a group of wild turkey, or you may just catch a glimpse of the famous black bears that the Smokies are known for. You will also get to wake up to a melody of bird songs every morning thanks to the birds that live in the trees.

You have more privacy!

One of the biggest reasons why Pigeon Forge cabins are better than hotels is because you get more privacy! You won’t have to worry about other visitors waking you up in the middle of the night, and you won’t have to worry about the noise of traffic interrupting your peaceful day.

When you choose a cabin over a hotel, you also get to choose your location! You can be as close to the action as you want toHeavenly Heights Retreat be, or you can be far away from it to have a nice quiet vacation.

Why are Pigeon Forge cabins better than hotels? We’ve given you our reasons why, but to really find the answers you are looking for, you have to experience a Pigeon Forge cabin for yourself. A cabin helps you feel like you live in the mountains and you’ll have spectacular views! The privacy you get from a cabin is great too, and you can find the perfect cabin for you with the right amount of space for your group!

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