Take a Stroll on Gatlinburg Pet Friendly Walking Trails

If you are taking your adorable dog on vacation, make sure to take advantage of Gatlinburg pet friendly walking trails!If you are planning to bring your dog with you on your Smoky Mountain vacation, make sure you are aware of the areas in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park that allow pets! There are many regulations and reasons that the majority of Smoky Mountain hiking trails aren’t pet friendly locations, so take your pet on one of these Gatlinburg pet friendly walking paths!

Gatlinburg Pet Friendly Walking Paths

In the Smoky Mountains, visit these two Gatlinburg pet friendly trails if you want to enjoy the outdoors with your favorite companion! The Gatlinburg Trail and the Oconaluftee River Trail are both pet friendly walking trails. On these paths, you must not allow your pet to be unattended and you must dispose of all pet waste immediately.

Dogs are able to make their appearance in picnic areas and along roads, but each pet must be kept on a leash. The regulation states that the leash must not exceed six feet in length.

Don’t Harm Your Dog by Choosing Other Hiking Trails

Dogs are natural protectors of their human owners, so hiking in the Smoky Mountains, filled with strange wildlife, is a bad idea! Dogs will choose to chase birds, squirrels and other animals near the trails. This could ultimately harm your dog as well as the wildlife of the Smokies!

Don’t forget that every animal leaves behind a scent. An unfamiliar scent can trigger a change in the behavior of the animals in the mountains. Bears can become interested in the new smell and cause disruption, even following the scent and seeking out your dog.

Dogs have the natural instinct to bark at strange sounds or sights. Taking your dog into the mountains may cause excessive barking and disruption of the wild animals. There are also a variety of plants along the trails that may be harmful or poisonous if consumed by your pet.

Although you may be a fantastic owner and have a well-behaved dog, every animal reacts differently in new environments. Choose one of the Gatlinburg pet friendly walking trails for the best experience for you and your pet!

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