The Ultimate Packing Guide For A Gatlinburg Cabin Vacation

family in the car on the way to a Gatlinburg cabin vacaiton

Just when you thought the hard part of finding the perfect Gatlinburg cabin rental was out of the way, you probably realized that is it now time to start planning on what you and your family need to bring for your next Smoky Mountain vacation. No need to panic though, we at HearthSide Cabin Rentals have you covered with our ultimate packing guide.

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What to pack for the car ride to your Gatlinburg cabin vacation

Although there is sure to be an over-abundance of things to keep you and your kids entertained once you arrive for your Gatlinburg cabin vacation, both inside and outside the rental, you still need something to keep you occupied while you are in the car.

To prevent hearing the words “I’m bored” as soon as you hit the road, we suggest families bring:

  • -A couple of books or magazines to read
  • -Cell phones and tablets with in-car chargers
  • -Deck of Cards
  • -Portable board games
  • -Favorite music
  • -Snacks in case you get hungry and don’t want to stop
  • -If you can, a movie to play in the car
  • -Neck pillow for comfort
  • -Directions to your cabin rentals leasing office

What to pack for hiking in the Smoky Mountains

An added bonus for families choosing to stay in one of our rentals during their Gatlinburg cabin vacation is that they will enjoy being just a short drive from the entrance of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Inside the park is where guests will find over 100 thrilling Smoky Mountain hiking trails, educational Visitor Centers, picnic areas, and unbeatable scenic views.

To prepare for this experience, we suggest guests pack:

  • man holding compass while hiking in the Smoky Mountains-Comfortable shoes
  • -A light jacket for when you reach the higher elevations
  • -Sunscreen and sunglasses to protect your skin and eyes
  • -Refillable water bottles to stay hydrated
  • -A map of the Smoky Mountain hiking trails
  • -A compass
  • -Snack food that is high in protein
  • -Clothing that is water resistant if the weather calls for rain
  • -Camera
  • -Extra socks
  • -First aid kit
  • -Binoculars
  • -Flashlight with backup batteries
  • -Matches or a lighter in the unlikely event you will need to start a fire

What to pack if you plan on cooking during your Gatlinburg cabin vacation

baking cookings during a Gatlinburg cabin vacationAs we have mentioned before, there is nothing like a home-cooked meal, even when you are on vacation in the Smoky Mountains. Knowing this, we at HearthSide Cabin Rentals are proud to say that all of our spacious Pigeon FOrge and Gatlinburg cabins come with their own fully-equipped kitchens with basic utensils and cookware available.

That being said, there is always a chance that there will be something you need that the cabin might not have. Just in case, we suggest guests bring:

  • -Any particular baking sheet, pan or serving dish you use regularly in the kitchen
  • -Wine tool or bottle opener
  • -Long lighter for the grill
  • -Extra paper towels and napkins
  • -Utensils needed for cooking outside
  • -Groceries
  • -Non-perishable food that you want to cook to avoid having to buy it at the store when you are here

If you don’t feel like going grocery shopping while you are here, but you still want to prepare a delicious meal for your family, be sure to check out our friends at the Smoky Mountain Grocery. A unique service, Smoky Mountain Grocery offers to bring groceries directly to guests during their Gatlinburg cabin vacation for a small fee. If you know in advance what you want to pick up, Smoky Mountain Grocery can also set it up so that your groceries are waiting on you when you check in to your cabin.

To learn more about the Smoky Mountain Grocery, visit their website at

What to pack if you plan on visiting a Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg attraction

There are so many thrilling Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge attractions that it is sometimes hard to keep up with them all. However, that just means that there will be something new for you and your family to discover every year when you vacation in the Smoky Mountains.

Our packing tips for visiting these attractions include:

  • Ropes course attraction in Pigeon Forge-Bring a camera with backup battery and memory card
  • -Comfortable shoes
  • -A backpack for keeping track of important items and souvenirs
  • -Snacks for the kids if you plan on being there long
  • -Casual clothes that you can wear all day
  • -First aid kit with headache medicine
  • -Umbrella or waterproof jacket in case it rains

Don’t forget, guests choosing to stay with HearthSide during their Gatlinburg cabin vacation also receive free tickets to several of the most-popular attractions in the Smoky Mountains. Click here to learn more about our free tickets to Smoky Mountain attractions.

What to pack for when you are ready to return home after your Gatlinburg cabin vacation

All good things must come to an end, and that includes your Gatlinburg cabin vacation. Not to worry though, we know that you will return to the area soon. However, in the mean time, here is a list of things you will either want to bring from home or pick up while you are here to help your family easily pack up when it is time to leave your rental.

  • -Extra trash bags
  • -Laundry detergent
  • -Basic cleaning supplies
  • -Extra backpack or suitcase for souvenirs
  • -Cooler with ice for any leftover food or drinks you want to bring home
  • -Number to the leasing office in case you accidently forget something

Still have a few questions on what you and your family should bring to help create the perfect Gatlinburg cabin vacation experience? Let us help by giving us a call at 1-888-993-7655. One of our knowledgeable vacation specialists will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about your next Smoky Mountain vacation.

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