Top 6 Things You Have to Do When You Visit The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge

The historic Old Mill in the Smoky Mountains.

The Old Mill is one of the top places to visit in Pigeon Forge. The Old Mill itself was built in in the early 1800s and provided electricity for the town until 1935. Now, visitors flock to The Old Mill Square to see the giant water wheel, browse the shops and dine on delicious Southern food. Check out the top 6 things you have to do when you visit The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge:

1. Tour the Historic Old Mill

Of course the top thing you have to do when you visit The Old Mill is take a tour! Today, The Old Mill is a tribute to the pioneer days of the Smoky Mountains. Take a step back in time and watch as the millers use the same equipment to grind Old Mill grains that was used when the mill was built back in 1830. You’ll learn how the stones are turned by harnessing the power from the Little Pigeon River, and you’ll even get to hear stories about the mill’s history!

southern chicken tenders2. Dine on Delicious Southern Food at The Old Mill Restaurant

Another staple of The Old Mill today is its delicious Southern cooking. While you’re visiting, make sure to plan a meal at The Old Mill Restaurant. The Old Mill Restaurant is known for hearty Southern breakfasts, lunches and dinners. If you visit for breakfast, you’ll get a basket of mini muffins, Smoky Mountain Special Preserves and sourwood honey. For lunch and dinner, you’ll get a basket of fritters and maple butter. For breakfast, we recommend ordering the Old Mill Country Breakfast, which includes two farm fresh eggs cooked to order, small pancakes, stone-ground grits, homemade biscuits, Old Mill seasonal preserves and more! For lunch, you’ll love the Southern Fried Chicken Tenders, which are hand-cut and seasoned and breaded with the restaurant’s own special blends of spices and stone-ground breading, then fried to perfection. And for dinner, you can never go wrong with the Homemade Meatloaf. It’s the ultimate comfort food and uses premium cuts of meat, freshly ground every day and combined with an Old Mill herb and spice blend.

3. Grab an Ice Cream Cone from The Old Mill Creamery

For a sweet treat after your meal, grab an ice cream cone from The Old Mill Creamery! You can get sugar cones, shakes, sundaes and more. The creamery even has their signature line of ice cream flavors that include local, farm-fresh ingredients, grains from The Old Mill, homemade candies from The Old Mill Candy Kitchen and spirits from the Old Forge Distillery. Try the Oat Mill Cream Pie flavor, Banana Pudding flavor, or the Whiskey Ribbon flavor, which is laced through with Old Forge Distillery moonshine and homemade fudge.

4. Shop for One-of-a-Kind Pottery

Only at Pigeon River Pottery will you be able to find the most amazing, hand-crafted pottery. Pottery has been made at this location for more than 50 years. The artisans have created a majority of the plates, bowls, salt and pepper shakers and other serving pieces in the two restaurants in Old Mill Square. When you visit Pigeon River Pottery, you’ll be able to find hundreds of specialty and serving pieces, plus a collection of original sculptures from the Pottery’s Might Bear series!

5. Get a Souvenir from The Old Mill General Store

You can’t leave without browsing The Old Mill General Store for the perfect souvenir! The Old Mill General Store has all of The Old Mill’s fresh-ground grains, a variety of flours and famous pancake and specialty mixes! There are also homemade jams, jellies, dip mixes and other popular items from the Old Mill signature line of foods. And, of course, you can find a unique selection of gifts, some special Smoky Mountain memorabilia and craft items!

6. Take Home Famous Taffy from The Old Mill Candy Kitchen

candy kitchen old millBefore you leave, stop by The Old Mill Candy Kitchen for a sweet treat! The taffy is one of the most popular products at the candy shop. It comes in many flavors and is pulled and cut using the same machines that have been in service for more than 75 years. You can even try a Bear Paw, which is made from the finest milk chocolate, homemade caramel and fresh pecans.You’ll be sure to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth in the wide assortment of old-fashioned, handmade candy.

There are so many wonderful things to do at The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge. Before you go, check out these 7 things you didn’t know about The Old Mill and start planning your visit.

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