12 of the Best Kid Rides at Dollywood

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When you take your kids to an amusement park, you probably wonder what they can ride and what they can’t. We’ve made a list of the best kid rides at Dollywood. You’ll love the variety of rides they have, especially for your kiddos from toddlers to big kids! Check out 12 of the best kid rides at Dollywood:


Most theme parks don’t have places for kids this little, but Dollywood definitely wants to accommodate little children because they want to have fun too!

1. Busy Bees

Your toddler will love riding on Busy Bees! They get to ride around in a circle on the bee cars and “drive” with their steering wheel! You’ll want to snap all the pictures because they’re so cute.

2. The Carousel

horse on the carouselWhile kids of all ages love the Village Carousel, it’s perfect for babies and toddlers since parents are allowed to sit on a bench or stand next to their child on a horse. Plus, you’ll love watching them pick out what animal they get to ride on! You’ll find plenty to choose from, like horses, reindeer, and a rabbit.

3. Firehouse Fun Yard

Toddlers will love running through water geysers at the Firehouse Fun Yard! It also has a soft play structure where kids can run and climb on the structure. The block table will keep them occupied for hours, and it’s shaded to block out the sun on hot days.

4. Hidden Hollow

Your toddlers will love climbing around in Hidden Hollow, part of the new expansion of Wildwood Grove! A separate, soft play space is perfect for your little ones to crawl around and play! It’s set in a forest scene with tree crawls, tree nets, and more! Plus, this area is air conditioned, perfect for the whole family on hot days!

Small Kids

Small kids have a ton of rides they’ll love at Dollywood! From thrills to smooth rides, you’re sure to find something your kid will want to ride over and over!

5. Black Bear Trail

For kids at least 36 inches tall, they’ll love riding Black Bear Trail in Wildwood Grove! Your small kids will love riding on the bears through the forest, listening to a joyful song as they ride around. They might even spot some surprises along the way!

6. Lemon Twist

Parents, jump onto the Lemon Twist with your small kids and you’re sure to have a blast! Nestled in the middle of the Country Fair, the Lemon Twist has 9 lemon cups you can sit in. A “steering wheel” in the middle of the cup can be used to make your cup spin faster and faster until you all get dizzy!

7. Rockin’ Roadway

Rockin' Roadway at DollywoodLet the kids take you on a drive on the Rockin’ Roadway! You’ll step back in time to the 1950s and can drive a Thunderbird, Corvette, or Cadillac in a variety of colors. Your kids that are 42 inches or shorter must take mom or dad on the ride with them.

8. Shooting Star

In the Country Fair area, you’ll find a thrill-seeker ride called Shooting Star that’s perfect for small kids! This ride takes you to the top slowly and drops you for a fun fall! Parents will have a blast on this ride too!

Big Kids

Your big kids will love all the thrill rides they can find at Dollywood! From water rides to roller coasters, there’s plenty of things they can find to have fun riding!

9. Barnstormer

If your big kid is over 48 inches, they can enjoy the thrills of the Barnstormer! Swing rapidly back and forth on this giant swing, which is sure to thrill every guest that decides to ride! Your adventurer will definitely love it!

10. Daredevil Falls

If your child is a daredevil, they should definitely ride the ride with the same name! Daredevil Falls is a fun water log ride that takes you through the forest and into a log cutting camp. The most exciting part of the ride is flying down the 60-foot drop at 50 miles per hour!

11. Drop Line

Drop Line at DollywoodFor an ultimate thrill, ride the Drop Line in Timber Canyon. Sitting in a 24-seat, rotating gondola, you’ll be taken up more than 20 stories slowly where you’ll be able to have an amazing view of the park and Smoky Mountains. Then, you’ll drop at 77 miles per hour!

12. Tennessee Tornado

Feel what it’s like to be swept up by a twister when you ride the Tennessee Tornado! Your thrill seeker will love the twists and turns of this roller coaster, plus the 128-foot drop going at 70 miles per hour! If they love this ride, definitely take them to the other roller coasters in the park!

The whole family will find rides they will want to do over and over! To find out a full list of rides your kids can ride, we suggest visiting the Measuring Station on Showstreet before you head anywhere else.

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