Gatlinburg Candles: ‘Smells Like Heaven’

Lavender candles in front of fresh lavenderImagine the smell of a hot apple pie straight from the oven, freshly picked peaches, and the cool mountain air all in one place. No, this isn’t Heaven, nor your grandma’s kitchen. Located inside The Village in Gatlinburg, The Candle Cottage has a long standing history of providing freshly scented candles for all who visit.

Constructed solely out of the finest waxes, wicks, dyes and fragrances available, The Candle Cottage’s candles are the perfect gift for any occasion. Along with their scented masterpieces, the Gatlinburg candle shop also offers votive candles, apothecary candles, gel fruit candles, emergency candles and more.

Locally owned and operated, The Candle Cottage has over 30 years of candle crafting experience. To find out more about the Gatlinburg candle shop, stop in and say hi at their shop, or give them a call at (865) 436-4899.

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