5 Perks of Staying at a Pet Friendly Smoky Mountain Cabin

Dog and owner hiking at Pet Friendly Smoky Mountain Cabin

We’re proud to offer cabins of every size with a variety of options and amenities to enjoy during your stay. One of the many options we offer is our pet friendly Smoky Mountain cabins. With these rentals, vacationers can enjoy the company of their pet during their mountain getaway with the perks that come along with him. To learn more about the benefits of choosing accommodations that welcome you and your furry friends, read below!


Attempting to rush Fido to the kennel before they close or messily scribbling down the vet’s number, your sister’s number and your emergency contact information for the neighbor kid is the last thing you want to deal with as you depart on your vacation. Prepping for pet care is a hassle when you’re already trying to remember the kid’s bathing suits, snacks for the car and your own luggage. This is why taking your pet along is often the best and most convenient plan when vacationing. Our pet friendly Smoky Mountain cabins can save you the headache of trying to organize pet care while you’re away, keeping your vacation planning – and the entire trip – easy and convenient.

Added ValueDog and owners relaxing at Pet Friendly Smoky Mountain Cabin

Pet owners often think that bringing their pet along on vacation will be a costly addition to their trip. This is simply not the case when you consider the alternative costs of boarding a pet or hiring a sitter. Boarding fees can range anywhere from $30 to $50 per day. This adds up over the course of a 7-day vacation. Hiring a sitter can be even more expensive, depending on how much the sitter decides to charge. And if anything out of the ordinary arises – your pet becomes ill, needs a bath, causes a mess – you can bet you’ll pay extra for that unexpected hassle, as well.

Because of this, choosing to lodge at rentals that allow pets is often the cheapest option for vacationers with pets. We offer cabins of every size and amenity option with the added value of bringing your pet along, so your vacation with Fido in-tow is sure to be both affordable and enjoyable.

Extra Fun

“Man’s Best Friend” won’t let you down here. Dogs make life fun, especially while visiting one of the most pet friendly vacation spots around in terms of lodging and entertainment. And between hiking through the surrounding Smokies, catching a ride on the River Rat and relaxing back at the cabin, not including your beloved pet seems almost cruel. By choosing pet friendly accommodations, you can be certain that you’ll have a comfortable stay without

Make sure you or your furry friend miss out on any of the fun by checking out our list of pet friendly attractions in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.

Peace of Mind

We call them our furry children for a reason. Our pets are often one of our favorite family members, and, more often than not, the prospect of someone other than us caring for our beloved 4-legged friends is stressful and a bit scary. Regardless of how much coaching you give the kennel staff on Fido’s eating schedule or how many times you remind the kid down the street that Sparky prefers the squeaky giraffe over the bone, no one will care for your pet as well as you can. By staying at one of our pet friendly cabins in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge, there’s no need to worry over how your pet is holding up without you. Instead, you can relax and focus on the vacation ahead of you with your pet by your side.

family and dog hiking at Pet Friendly Smoky Mountain CabinStress Reduction

While having your pet along for the trip offers you peace of mind knowing he’s well cared for, his actual presence on your vacation is a great stress reducer. As if the fresh air and peace of the Smokies weren’t enough to decompress your stressed, having your furry friend along just adds to the effect. But you can only benefit from this perk by choosing pet friendly lodging, like us!

Are you ready to experience the perks of staying at one of our pet friendly Smoky Mountain cabins for your next vacation? Give us a call today! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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